Bundesliga Teaser | BTS

Bundesliga Teaser | BTS - PAL Full HD lo res

4k phantom 600fps chroma green shoot.

‘When shooting commercials or promo’s with a heavy graphics treatment it is beneficial for the post work to acquire the footage in the highest resolution possible. In this case we shot with 2 cameras, RED Dragon in 6K resolution and the phantom flex in 4K. We needed to get up to 600fps for one of the shots hence using the flex.

Lighting at high frame rate needs some care and attention. Flicker isn’t an issue with large tungsten based lamps but the amount required is. On the Phantom section of the shoot we used 5 10K watt lamps as well space lights for the chroma backdrop. This made the studio incredibly hot which makes the actors uncomfortable and the make up department cringe. After every take we had to open the stage door and get the actor out to prevent him from melting. The expense of a shoot like this means that its prudent to have a member of the post graphics team on set checking that the motion blur and chroma will give them enough to work with.

We shot with both cameras on the less fashionable RED pro primes, and I have to say they were sharp and a pleasure to use. We had a very very experienced focus puller in Kenny Groom who also found the lens easy to work with.

The end result is great and with all the treatments in post superbly carried out by Multiply makes for an excellent and stirring promo for the Bundesliga 2015/16 season

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