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documentary production

"There is an irresistible draw to the longer format. A chance to take your time to flesh out stories and bring a journey to some sort of conclusion". 

We’ve broadened our horizons

Combining our passion for high-resolution acquisition with practical solutions, we have the perfect 8K‘on the fly’ documentary kit. We have recently returned from a very family affair as the skills of 4 Harveys were put to the test while filming a 'taster' in some very remote Jordanian landscapes. The level of production on this adventure has surpassed even my aspirations. Full production begins in 2018. Stay tuned.

over TWO decades of skills

Knowledge is power. Knowing what you are walking into is every bit as important as knowing what you are looking at. Sure, there are always levels of uncertainty with every shoot, but the experience to keep the shoot together when you slip off the carefully put together call sheet or shot list gets the job done. 


Sound | Lens Control | Video. We don’t want to get in a tangle, nor do we want the director to miss a beat. That's why we dress our cameras in the best quality wireless links on sound, lens control and video link.

Simple & Functional

It's important to keep the set-up as trouble-free as possible. With less going on there is less going wrong. We constantly strive to have the highest quality kit which in turn gives stable and stunning results.


Having travelled so extensively you quickly understand what you need to keep working. Kit gets damaged and fails but having the work-around knowledge and film making friends around the world, we ensure you get your job done. 

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